Asparagus Rests

As winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, the asparagus plants turn brown.  The energy that they produced during the summer is now stored in the root system.  The asparagus will lie dormant, under ground, until warmer temperatures arrive in the spring.  Then it will be time to harvest the spears!


The first significant rainfall arrived on January 12, helping to ease the effects of the El Nino dought.  Our asparagus plants enjoyed the drink.  The late arrival of rain has put serious pressure on farmers who rely on a maize crop to feed their families.  If they plant now there may not be enough time for the maize to mature before the first frosts arrive.  Asparagus plants, with their deep roots, are somewhat drought tolerant, so our farmers will still earn income from their plants.

Follow the rain with this Lesotho radar link: