Kingdom Asparagus works hard to bring you the tastiest fresh asparagus available.  Here are the people that make that happen.


Alex Stainburn

Alex's career spans years in international business, logistics and corporate finance.  He has significant experience pulling complex projects together.  He is a keen strategist and has worked with large corporations as well as many small businesses in emerging economies. 


Thuso Green

Thuso started his career in Lesotho working in the forestry sector.  He then worked for a well known consulting company on numerous projects in agriculture and development.  The latter part of his career has been focused on founding and building two successful mobile and IT companies. 


Khotso Mapepesa

Khotso brings a wealth of agricultural and operational expertise to Kingdom Asparagus.  He has many years of farmer outreach and project management experience in the Lesotho agricultural sector, including food staples, post harvest marketing and drip irrigation implementation.